Microprocessor 3DS Max

Microprocessor 3DS Max

Just a quick 3d model of a microprocessor I did for one of the training modules we are doing at work.



Radom Stuff

book and glasses

Reading is the key.


He is what he is




Starship and shuttle






Some screenshots of an animation I am doing. I created the starship in 3ds Max. It was based off two different starships designs I found on the-blueprints.com. I created the materials in Photoshop and used standard and arch and design materials in 3ds. It was rendered in Mental Ray. The animation is quite simple. The shuttle approaches the ship and then the ship accelerates and eventually goes into warp.

Little Guy

My cat Little Guy

My cat Little Guy


I got a new camera recently along with some lights and filters and such. I was testing the lights and LG decided that he wanted to pose for me. I took a few shots of him and just thought I would share. This was taken on a Canon EOS Rebel T2i on manual settings.

Training Cabinet

training cabinet

A model of a cabinet that is produced by AeroTrain Corp


ball bearing

Ball bearing exploded view


These are a couple of examples of some modeling I did in 3ds Max for my employer. The first one is a model of a trainer that the company produces. The second one is a still  of an animation showing a ball bearing and its parts. All modeling was done in 3ds Max and rendered with Mental Ray.


brochure front page

Front Page GBLHS Brochure


Brochure page 1

Brochure Page 1


Brochure page 2

Brochure page 2


Brochure back page

Brochure back page


A small brochure I created for the Grand Blanc Living Historian Society. This was done in Adobe InDesign. The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. The front page and first page photos were taken and edited by me. The photo on the second page was provided by the GBLHS for use in this brochure.

Dart Board

dart board

Still shot from a fictional tv bumbper

exploding dart board

Exploding dart board

Created in 3ds Max. This is a still shot from a short TV bumper I created for a fictional television station. All images were created and or photographed by me. The full video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng2qhpjuggg&feature=feedu

GB Living HIstorian Society

This is an image I created in 3ds Max just for the fun of it.

3d Bedroom

3d bedroom

3ds Max

3d bedroom night

3ds Max


A 3d bedroom created in 3ds Max. The bedspread and curtain material was created in Photoshop. One is (obviously?) an early morning scene and the other one is night.

Some Terragen Work

Desert Scene

Desert of Altairia


Mountain Sunset

Sunset over the Crystal Mountains


Just some Terragen work I did for a school project.